We are so lucky to be working with some of the most amazing and up and coming brands that are Australian owned & manufactured. The likes of Artisan Paint Company and Vintage Bird using modern technolgies and an array of comtemporary and classic colours.

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Samantha - The Bespoke Artisan

So Me....I'm Samantha the owner, boss chick and creative behind this little busniess. . I've been on a journey the last 5 and a bit years now working my way through one piece of furniture at a time.

What started out as a means to help my family move on some of the vast collection of furniture, home decor & stuff has become my labour of love and commitment. My love for textiles, sewing and fabrics has seen me develop a keen eye for colour, creativity and design. I have been a keen crafter my entire life starting with my dad buying me an adult Singer when I was 9 years old. He showed me some basic skills about cutting fabric and together we made this green dress. I will never forget that and it is probably the most endearing moment I remember of him. He was by no means a tailor, in actual fact he was a fitter & turner by trade. He had this ability to just make things and I guess that is what I inherited. 

And so, here we are fast forward over 40 years later.....my little shop and my business is forever evolving. I love to create and I love to paint...I love what a simple flick of a paint brush can do to a piece of furniture or home decor. Creativity is simply your own version of your imagination. Of course, we all take inspiration from others whether it be fashion, beauty, a haircut...we are all artisans in some way. What makes us different is how we take what we see and create a version from ourselves. And no one can replicate this.


  • Hokus Pokus Decor Weave

    Just one of 15 designs in this range...perhaps one of the easiest mediums on the planet to use for decoupage....try it today.

    Decor Weaves 
  • Milk Paint

    If you love the chippy look or a farmhouse chic decor then this should be your first choice. Milk Paint is one of the oldest varieties of paint and paired today with the most authentic of pigments and easy to use application. And best of all...the powders last ages.

    Milk Paint 
  • My Stencil Lady

    A proud stockist of My Stencil Lady - an Aussie owned and manufactured small business based in Qld.

  • Jellybeans

    Our NEW Jellybean Collection


The Bespoke Artisan

Hi there,

please be aware that my pieces listed here are refinished and revamped by myself. They are generally pre loved items that will perhaps show signs of wear and imperfections. This lends itself perfectly to a new perfectly imperfect upcycle or revamp. 

Should there be something that you have that needs a little special care & attention or something upstyled for new decor in your home. Send me a message and let's have a chat.